Thursday, April 30, 2009

Viruses,trojans,and worms, OH MY!

WOW~ I had a huge glitch in my matrix! the computer crashed last week and i had not realized how very much I do on this thing! I look up weather and words i don't know and Do my Artfire and Etsy shops...And let me tell you the library is no fun place to try and do business on a computer! It is like swimming with your hands tied..So, I am back! Hello all, I have missed my blogfriends!
Are you doing the class Tim Adam is offering on Etsy Marketing? It has been a really enlightening, as his stuff usually is. Lots of good tips about Face book, blogging, twitter and marketing in general. Good stuff.
I hope you will all be following me on twitter and checking in here, for I am back!! YYEEAAAA!
Love to all out there ~Kimi

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