Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The goal is LOVE

It is another day to celebrate waking! I check my shops and email every morning and sometimes writing something down here is so easy and sometimes..

"Writing is easy: all you have to do is sit staring at the blank sheet of paper until the drops of blood form on your forehead." Gene Fowler

..this is what i get when i sit down to write.
SO today as many other days before and i am sure to come i have a quote to ponder and hope that you will still comeback for the days when i am truly writing from the need to empty my thoughts onto this "page".

II Corinthians 13:11 "Finally, brothers,good-bye. Aim for perfection, listen to my appeal,be of one mind,live in peace. And the God of Love and peace will be with you"

"Better to write for yourself and have no audience than to write for the public and have no self." Cyril Connolly

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