Sunday, May 22, 2011

Summer time Creativity..

We are so glad its getting a bit warmer now, and we are hoping that you are enjoying your summer, or fall, wherever you are!
we are going to be making lots of new things through the summer, and we have decided to stop taking custom orders until August. WE apologize to those of you waiting on your custom orders, we are working on a particularly complicated pair of hairtanas, that are going to be has just put us behind. So we will be catching those custom orders already placed up as soon as we possibly can, and the shop will be having some really cool new things!

 WE have several new designs for inlays and decorations that we want to make, as well as a new product that has been too long coming!

We will also have some more hairtanas available to buy form the shop once we are caught up on custom orders!

SO, we thank you all for your patience, and understanding as we work as fast we can and still keep our quality up to the standards you are used to from our studio! we cannot rush these things :D
We send our love and thanks out to you all, and want you to know that we appreciate you each and every one more than we can say!

1 comment:

  1. I am absolutely loving the new designs, especially the lilypad fork. I was really jazzed to see a koa wood fork in your shop - koa is one of my favorite woods. I love the rich dark-with-caramel swirls color it ages to. I have a couple of small carvings on my dresser that I bought in Hawai'i about 15 years ago, and I think they may be more beautiful now than when I bought them.