Monday, May 9, 2011

Some Bun Fun!

That title made me think of Charlottes Web and I had to smile!  I hope you get some smiles in today too!!

WE have had several requests for videos on how to use our hairforks and antler sticks, and although we do have them on Facebook and You-tube, it was  suggested to put them here, so they can be found easily!

So here will be the collection of videos on how people have creatively and instructively been using our hairforks and antler sticks! there are some for thinner hair updos, some with shoulder length hair updos, and some with very long and thick hair also!!

we hope you enjoy having these all together, what a great suggestion..I wish i would have thought of it myself :D LOL

We Are so glad to have the chance to show you that our forks work in ALL types of hair, and the different updos are unlimited!!

We thank you all so much, for your wonderful communications with us, for your love of our creations, and for returning to our studio..You are a part of us now!


  1. Great collection! Thanks for putting them all together :).

  2. Thanks so much! i was glad to do it, and hope everyone gets a lot of use out them all collected together! Have hair fun!! Love to you all

  3. Holy snot, the last fork in this post is gorgeous. (Well, all GrahToes are gorgeous, but that one is particularly stunning.)