Monday, May 30, 2011

On woods, Red Heart today...

Today we are going to talk about Red Heart wood in our wood series. It is a new wood for our studio, and we just found out about it from Cook Woods, who gives this description of the wood:

"Fine, closed grain makes this Central American hardwood machine easily & finish well. The unique brilliant red color with black undertones is unusual and unmatched in other exotic hardwoods. The Mayans refer to this hardwood is Chakte Koke. This wood can  turn honey/brown when exposed to sunlight.  We have had good results with keeping the red color of this wood when it is finished with a UV sealer, and /or kept stored out of direct sunlight. 
Cosmocalyx spectabilis."

Some of the red heart wood also comes from Mexico, its species name is  Erythroxylon mexicanum, which is a shrub that is fairly small and gnarly, also called the mamoa or momoa

WE ,Grah-Toe Studio, have found this wood to be bright red/orange and marroon  to hot pink  in color, light weight compared to blood wood or tulip wood, and about the same in cost to bloodwood.  It works very nicely, and polishes beautifully!  THe graining does stand out much more than the blood wood  or cardinal wood graining does.
We have not been able to find any information on the harvesting practices or if the species is in any danger or not.

If anyone has any information concerning any other properties of this bush or wood, medical or magical, please feel free to comment and let us know where you found the information!

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