Wednesday, December 8, 2010

a little more of the story...

A little more of the tale of Grah-Toe Studios today...i left off where we were working along and doing our  art for fun..we made snowflakes out of wood every fall and used them as gifts. People would always tell us we should sell them, and we tried in different shops , and it never worked out. The timing  wasn't right after 15 years in south florida, we realized it was time to move, get away from  the crowds and the heat, no seasons to speak of....and we didn't know where to go! we didn't want to go back to MY home or HIS home, we wanted a place our very own.

SO..we took a trip and drove all over the country to see where we
wanted to go! it was a great fast whirlwhind trip around the country and through national parks, and along the way, our studio got its name! I don't know how many of you have seen the Grand Canyon, but I honestly think it should be something everyone sees in person..its unbelievable..we were in total AWE...and we are greatful that the Lord gave us the opportunity to do that and see so much of the country. We also knew we were heading towards doing our art full time eventually, and the colors and shapes in the west are SO inspiring..the desert, the rocks, the mesas, the trees, everything seemed so BIG out there!! THe rocks in Zion national park have these AWESOME grottos that are big enough to fit a small town into! we loved them.

This is where we got our studio name..we were in love with the rocks and grottos..we were Grateful..Grah To our toes. Toe . Studio Grah-Toe Studio.
SO now, you know how we got our name! it was a fabulous trip, and we ended up in Utah where we live and create today!
We are SO thankful that we found Etsy and had been working toward this for so our work is evolving and growing and we are loving every minute of it! and it YOU that makes it all worth it!!
We hope you all feel the love we have for our creations when you get them!!


  1. You have great creations, thanks for sharing.

  2. Great story, thanks for sharing!

    I'm in love with the humbling natural beauty of Utah, particularly BCC, LCC and Zion. Though I'm a Chicagoan through and though, I've had my fair share of fantasies about living in a cabin home in BCC.