Sunday, December 26, 2010

A contest for our German Long Haired Friends

We hope that you are enjoying your holidays so far!
We are having a beautiful holiday so far, and are busily planning our new designs to be debuted in the new year...but this new fork is special....

This hairfork has been designed specifically in dedication to our German Long hair network Friends! 
And, a special fork needs a special name, so we thought a contest would be fun! For this week, we are going to have the German LHN girls submit thier suggestions for the name of this fork , and we will choose a name on the first of the year and the winner is going to get this very first fork as a prize and gift! a $120 value!!

So what we would like to see is this:
1. leave a comment here with your suggested name, we would prefer a one to two word name please.
2. it can be in german or english.
3.please also make sure to let us know how to contact you if your suggested name is chosen, and you can do that here, through etsy convo or email if you prefer 
our email is

We know alot of you are out of town or on vacation so we are letting the contest run this whole week, hoping that you all tell your friends and others on the LHN about it and we get a fabulous name for this lovely fork !
There are also more photos on our facebook page here
and we will of course, gladly answer any questions anyone has about this fork. WE do plan to make it in any size, and already have a  pair of micros in spalted holly made and ready to go after they get their name!
and, we  have a  special coupon waiting for this fork, anyone form the German LHN will get to use any time they buy this fork design!
Good luck to everyone and Ich hoffe Sie sind zufrieden
Love to you all!
Stacy and Kimi


  1. Hi Kimi, hi Stacy,
    I´m very pleased the way the new design came out.
    I also have a suggestion for a name: Europa(Europe.


  2. i like the name Demeter, like the goddes of the harvest :D


  3. Hello my name is Katastrophen.Barbie and my suggestion is

    Birds feet.

    Very beautiful design!
    Have a nice year 2011!

  4. THank you all for the lovely suggestions so far! keep them coming!!! we love your ideas and are so excited to hear more! and we are glad you all like the design!

  5. Hi Kimi and Stacy!

    I would like to suggest the name Gwendolyn because it means "beautiful flower". That´s exactly what your fork looks like to me.

    I wish you peaceful holidays and a happy New Year!

    Rosenblau (etsy)

  6. Hi!

    My suggestion is 'christmas rose' or 'hellebore', because the idea for this fork flowered in the winter, just like the christmas rose, it resembles flower petals and of course because for me it´s like a wonderful christmas present from you to us. Thank you!

    Zeraphinah (etsy)

  7. Hey Kimi and Stacy,
    I really love the new design!
    My suggestion would be "Harvest's petal" because it looks like one in my eyes.
    But as I can see there are a lot of other beautiful suggestions - won't be easy for you to pick one.
    Thank you so much

    Lunathien (etsy)

  8. Hi Kimi,

    I suggest Lorelei -- the original Lorelei was a river mermaid, which is so appropriate given the various "mermaid's tail" designs you do, and in the poem by Heinrich Heine she sits on her rock above the Rhine and combs her long golden tresses as she sings her siren song to passing river boatmen! A longhair, a mermaid, and a German legend -- it seems the perfect fit for your fork!

  9. The design reminds me of nature, I think it somehow looks like little branches.
    This is why I'd suggest "Diana", a nature goddess.

    Or maybe Flora.
    Or - maybe the best fitting name - Enzian (gentian). Because there's a German song called "Blau blüht der Enzian" (blue blossoms the gentian) and the little stones are blue.

    Can't help it, this really reminds me of a plant/flower or a tree or branches with little flowers on top... ;)
    I think a short and easy to remember name would be best. :)

    Luna (I'll send you a mail in a second, don't want to post my address so openly)

  10. Zuendhuetchen (etsy)December 30, 2010 at 3:05 PM

    Hi Kim and Stacy,

    the design of your beautiful hair fork reminds me to the belle epoque, especially art nouveau. Of course in an organic style similar to all items of Grahtoestudio. In Germany the style ist called Jugendstil but i think "art nouveau" is a very suitable name for the new fork design.

    I wish you a happy new year.

  11. Dear Kimi and Stacey,

    thank you so much for dedicating your new design to the LHN, that is a wonderful idea.

    The new Design reminds me of nature (it looks like three leaves), it was designed for the german LHN and your Blog is named „The world needs more LOVE"
    My ideas are based on these three themes.

    My first idea was simple: DREIBLATT
    translated in english Threeleaves or Trefoil (

    second idea: FREYA
    Freya is a Norse goddess associated with love, beauty, fertility, spring (

    my name on etsy: Lelith

    I wish you a happy new year 2011 and I hope, that you take on your wonderful work!

    Greetings, Lelith

  12. I would like to suggest the names "Cyclamen" and "Primel" (Primula) for this beautiful fork, because it reminds me of petals of these flowers.

    I wish you a happy new year!

    Eluriel (etsy)

  13. A happy New Year, Kimi and Stacy!

    My suggestion for the fork is "Waldfee" (which means in English "sylvan fairy") because it reminds me of a fairy-tale forest where fairies live whose beautiful long hair is adorned with leaf crowns.

    My name on etsy is "StagePiano"

    All the best, StagePiano