Saturday, December 4, 2010

And, presenting, Padouk wood!

We are talking about the beautiful reddish-orange wood, Padouk or Padauk. The botanical name of this tree is Pterocarpus, and it grows in Africa, Thailand and the Andaman Islands. It is a pantropical genus of the familyFabaceae and other names it is known by are Mukwa or Narra.

Padouk wood is valued for its toughness, stability in use and of course its decorativeness. THe color is strikingly beautiful deep reddish orange to bright orange, but sunlight and time can fade it to a warn delicious brown color. SOme finishes may slow or stop the color from changing, but most woods will darken over time regardless of the finish.

Some Padouk woods are used as herbal medicines intreating skin parasites and fungal infections. I could not find an information on this wood as far as its magical properties.

Although the wood itsself is not endangered, it does grow in rainforests and some of them are considered in danger. We are still trying to get direct answers from our wood supplier about where their lumbers come from and if they are from sustainable farms, but they are not being very helpful about it and the snwers are vague. The wood industry highly values this wood and it will more than likely continue to be available as the tree itsself is not endangered.
The wood works beautifully, is light weight and has a delightful smell when being worked. It smells very sugary sweet to me, and to Stacy it smells a bit buttery. YUMMM!
It is a very beautiful wood, and is ideal for hairforks due to its light weight and decorative nature.
I hope you enjoyed learning about the beautiful padouk wood today!

Next we are going to do Lignum Vitae wood!!

Thanks so much for your interest, we love to have any comments or suggestions or extra info that you have found on each wood we do!

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