Monday, January 10, 2011

Savings alert!

WEll, we have been doing our new packaging on several packages, mostly trying to send it to repeat customers to get thier take on it, and there may be another benefit to this...less shipping weight= less shipping costs!! THe Postal rates are going up this year, so we are trying to keep our costs and yours as low as possible!!
WE are going to start modifying our shipping fees as we figure out what everything comes to with the new packing keep your eyes open, and we are anxious to hear from those of you who are getting the new packaging , how do you feel about it?!?
We appreciate you all so much!!
Love to you
Kimi & Stacy

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kimi,

    if the parcel that arrived yesterday was an example of the new packaging, then I like it. It makes a lot of sense to use smaller boxes, and I like the delicate organza bags much better than the old jute ones too! :)