Monday, January 31, 2011

I did a video for you, my first one ever!

This is a video on how to do the bun/ updo that i use in most of our action shots in the shop . I know it is very close to a Nautilus bun, but i can never make it look like that, and several customers have asked me to do this so i ventured out past my comfort zone and did it!
I hope it helps inspire you to try a new updo, or even invent your own!!
Feel free to share this link with anyone you like, or visit our youtube page for lots of other great channels that have our favorite  updo videos on them!


  1. ACTION-PACKED! ;) maybe one day my hair will be long enough for this loveliness.

  2. Nice! I too have been wondering how to do that bun, so I really appreciate the demonstration. Thanks for making the video!

  3. I'm still loving it! My office-mate's comment was, "how on earth did you do that to yourself?" Of course, I had to pull my hair down and demonstrate with my lovely Grah-Toe inlaid fork. Thank you so much for posting this!

  4. I LOVE it! I can't do this bun to save myself, so it was great seeing it on someone else!