Friday, November 5, 2010

Tell us about your hair!

We thought it would be fun to have YOU tell us about your hair today!
WE are wondering..why do you want to have long hair? are you trying to grow longer or maintaining it at a length you love? ANd what length is that?
If you have any pictures of your hair that you can share we would love to have you post them on our facebook page, especially if you have one of our hairforks!!

Our making hair forks came from a love of long hair and a need to keep it in an updo safely and securely..with thick hair those plasitc clips spring in about 2 minutes!  and wooden hair forks are actually better for your hair, they don't pull, they give an even hold, and they protect your scalp from the constant rubbing the plastic jaw teeth cause!
Please, tell us your long hair story!!

Just a quick fashion note, Updos are IN this season, and with hats,head wraps, ear warmers, scarves and turtle neck sweaters, its a great time to have your hair in a pretty updo!! Add a few sparkly finishing pins, perhaps from this etsy shop
drop down a single curl or 2 by your ear or eyebrow and you are ready for family gatherings or the opera!
This is also a perfect time for a fabulous pair of earrings!

WE look forward to hearing about your hair journey and goals, and what you do to keep it healthy and safe!

Love to you
Stacy and Kimi

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  1. I'm at forty inches and (hopefully) still growing! I have fine, thick hair that I wear up just about every day (with a Grahtoe fork, usually!) I love seeing people with long hair like me.