Friday, November 12, 2010

Did your hair develop a Dr.Jekyll Mr. Hyde personality when the weather changed?

WOW, my hair is SO different in this cold weather! It is like learning a new head of hair! i have to adjust the amount of Panacea i am using, and i may need to change my shampoos or routine to make up for it.
How is your hair doing in the new season? is it different or the same as it always is? do you have a different routine for your summer vs. winter hair? we would love to hear how you deal with the differences and what they are!

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  1. My hair is a little bit different and it's my first winter with 'long hair' (four centimeters to apl -.- I had always really short hair)
    It feels... weird. I started to wash it with hair soap and hope it'll be better.