Friday, January 8, 2010

A tiny spoon of what's to come.

Did you ever get a tiny spoon at the ice cream shop of any flavor you wanted? well, here's a tiny spoon of Grah-Toe Studio...
We are currently in the process of designing a new hair fork...with 5 Prongs! Now, we have had many requests for this and we have been pondering and working on it so we want to temp you with a little spoon so that you will keep watching for it!
ANd we are starting a line of shawl pins as well, as i have become fascinated with shawls lately and notice that a lot of women wear then regularly. It fits in well with the production of hair forks and we are having a blast making all this new stuff! We would love to have any suggestions, ideas, or just stop in and say hello to us! And of course, we encourage custom orders anytime and give them our best attention. Hope to hear from you soon!
Love to you,Kimi

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