Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I found a wonderful friend,..and scarf..

Over the month of December, we traveled to do an arts/craft show in Ohio. Well, the show is another story for another time, BUT we met and became friends with a wonderfully ingenious and lovley lady,Jen Schwietz. She has designed a new scarf, called ScarfeDiem and i want to share this with you all because I LOVE IT.
The scarf itsself is cozy fleece, and it is long enough to warp around several different ways, but, the really cool part is that she has designed a way to have removeable,interchangeable and mixable beads on the end of your scarf! You can have several colors or types of beads, and because they are changeable the eternal and necessary accessory of scarf can become exciting again!
It comes in 4 colors, cream,brown,black and grey, comes with a set of starter beads and then you can mix and match all sorts of combinations from there! You can match your purse and shoes for date night, then have a simple everyday design, and a weekend fun change! And this scarf is not only classy and beautiful, but it is WARM! Well, if you can't tell, I am in love with mine and i hope to hear stories from some more of you about what you think..she has a facebook fan page too and i am sure she would appreciate that!

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