Saturday, June 20, 2009

shopping around treasures!

Well, I have been just cruising around artfire and etsy today, checking out everybodys stuff...We artisans are amazingly creative and diverse people! I am just in awe of all the lovley things,from painting to woven fibre arts..If only I had millions of dollars I could get something from everyone and I would love to support all of us ! But, alas, I won my first thing a few weeks ago from ...But I wanted to share this shop , I adore these earrings!

The shop is and she has lots of lovely treasures to see and buy!
We are having a "play with clay day" with our friends and thier kids today so I am busily gathering my tools from around the house..which I do my art ALL over the house! ANyone else do that? At work I am OCD about clean and order but at home I am opposite!:0) Well, in any event have a great weekend and Fathers day for all Dads out there and See ya soon! Love to all of you fellow artists, in bunches!

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