Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ok,a wierd thing happened to me today..

Hey all! I had a fun thing happen to me today..I was out back feeding and tending the bunnies and i felt something brush by my pant leg..i thought it was my dog but I could not see her, so I started to look around and I saw some golden fur in the bushes, but it was so small, I leaned in closer and a PRAIRIE DOG ran out across the yard! I have never seen them in town at all let alone in my yard!!That was fun.

We have some new hair toys on our etsy shop and we are still offering FREE SHIPPING ON HAIR STICKS through June so take advantage of that! A celebration of summer updo's!
The one with wood burned leaves and vines was scarfed up as soon as I posted it but I have more coming and the woodburning designs come out just lovely on the maple wood background! The others have stones set in them. The one pictured here has black snowflake obsidian adorning it.The top picture is the first one we made and I got to keep it!:0) They hold your hair really well and look stunning and dramatic.

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