Wednesday, November 21, 2012

FREE SHIPPING! Nov 21-Nov 28

Hello Grah-Toe Fans, friends and followers!! 

we want you to know, we appreciate you so very much!! 
we are gifting free shipping to all sales that happen between November 21, today, and November 28th!!  

A few pieces in the Artfire Studio are not eligible for free shipping, but there will be discount on them, including the crochet blankets and stone sculptures.
We send our best blessings and love to you all for a wonderful family holiday and shopping week ! 

Supporting small, handmade business is so important right now, we just can't tell you enough how we appreciate your patronage!! we are also still taking custom orders :D Love to hear from you anytime, here, on Facebook, Etsy, Artfire or by email! 

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