Thursday, April 7, 2011

Unborn Hairforks...

Our wood hunting expedition went well, although not perfectly...there were a few things we needed that were not available where we buy our hardwoods, so now we are hunting for them online! i really prefer seeing the wood we buy, but sometimes you just can't do that!

Over the last 2 years of our creating, we have been pushed and challeneged by your creative requests, and we are so excited for all the new avenues we are able to offer that other hairfork makers do not...we LOVE doing inlays, designing and executing them. THey really make a piece of wood a spectacular piece of art! And for the requests for new woods that we were not using at the beginning also. WE have learned alot about new and different woods, and it has been so rewarding!

ALong with all of these new and exciting innovations, comes more time and expense into each piece as well. We are not sure that some of you realize how much time goes into making a fork with an inlay. STacy handcarves all of the designs we do...we do not have a laser computer that cuts out our wood, we don't have a computer router, we do it by hand! There are hours and hours involved in alot of our pieces. We have also joined forces with other artists and have been incorporating thier work into ours. Mike Hurst of Hursts Handblownglass makes alot of our glass evil eyes, that are SO fun to include in hairsticks! And recently we have been adding Venbeads enameled Skullies to our hairforks. Ven bead is also offering a unique product that is a collaboration of our studios, Dragon hearts! WE make the wooden hearts, and she created the unique and wonderful glass cabachons that go into the heart pendant. Please take a moment to check out her fabulous work! we love supporting and working with fellow artists whos work we believe in.

Utilizing all these time consuming techniques, as well as other artists creations makes our forks cost more than they did 2 years ago. THere is no getting around that. But we offer a product unlike anyone elses, with custom design services, with unique designs and of course heavy duty hairforks! WE also have added wood expenses over the beginning,  as our most frequently requested woods are the most expensive woods available. In the beginning we only used cedar, maple, walnut for the most part. Now we have exotic, hard to find woods and we hunt dilligently for unique graining, as we know they make a piece of hair art even more precious, when the grain pattern is unusual! These things all add to the time and cost involved to create your dream hair toy! 

WE want you all to know, that we appreciate you shopping at our studio, we appreciate your design requests and know that your time and money are precious, and we thank you for investing in pieces of art for your hair at our studio! we stand behind our work, and we will go to great lengths to be sure your hair toy dreams are realized and able to be passed on to your children or family members! 
SO again, we send out our thanks to you for making our dream of creating full time a reality! we love to see your appreciation photos and to hear that you love your hairforks! please, never stop sending us notes, convos and emails for we cherish knowing each of you and your hair needs!
Much love toyou
Stacy & Kimi
PS we have a new product coming out, that we think is going to thrill you....a way to display and store your forks in safely and in style while they are not being worn, that is beautiful, effective and unique!


  1. Ooh - I would love a good way to safely display my forks! They are currently kept snug in a drawer, but being able to admire them when not in use would be really nice.

    And I am SO appreciative of the wonderful artistry you put into all of your work - they truly are so much more than merely functional pieces (though they function beautifully).

  2. What LOVELY hair forks, I don't have long hair or I would love one. Anyhow, I am going to have to show your blog to my son, and do share your secrets of where to find this exotic wood. we also have an etsy shop (we are in Vernal, Utah) and he is a woodworker. He's 14 and he is always going on and on and on and on and on... ha ha, about how you can't get good woods in Vernal and this and that. Always fun to see other artists in the area.