Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wood Properties Series Continues..Today is Bocote

Today we are going to continue our series about woods. I chose to do Bocote today! WE have just recently listed a hairstick made of bocote wood in our shop and it had a glass evil eye in the end of it with a red is such a cool piece of wood it made me want to share more about it with you!

Bocote wood
Ziricote[5] and Bocote[6] are sometimes used as a wood for making acoustic guitar backs and sides as well as drums because of thier resonant properties. It grows in Central and South America as well as Mexico. It is a fairly dense and oily wood and highly prized to woodowrkers for its spectacular colors and graining patterns that often times will form concentric circles. THe color ranges from bright gold and black to deep ochre, browns and sometimes even deep purples. It is sometimes called Mexican Rosewood, and can look much like Cocobolo in apprearance.

Bocote wood is very resistant to decay and insect manifestations. In all the reading i did i could not find anything about it being an endagered wood, it always appears in the context of being sustainably  harvested for the wood industry. Much of the previous in formation was acquired through wikipedia and several books we have on wood.

As far as other properties of this wood, there are a few websites that give information on healing, medicinal and magical qualities of woods. One site says that bocote has "strong fire energy, related to passionate love.It is also inspirationsla to the artistic and creative mind, focusing on beauty and the earth."
It certainly inspires us!
WE hope that you have learned some good stuff about this beautiful wood today and feel free to inquire with us about certain wood properties if there is something specific you are wanting to have on your hair art!

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