Thursday, August 6, 2009

Win a custom hair fork!!

Here are a few pictures of the shapes we need names for in different angles, get the creative juices flowing!!I know there are descriptive words running through your head, just shout them out! Post a comment and leave contact information so you can be reached if you win!! We will do the shape you named in any length you need as your prize. Please feel free to spread the word and check out our other designs as well if you need more inspiration. Our forks are bold and big and meant to be seen! We have had requests for our shapes in smaller sizes so we are in the process of introducing our "lilliputian line"...same great Grah-Toe shapes and quality in liliiputian sizes!!
Good luck to all, I look forward to the struggle of choosing from all the great submissions!


  1. I would call the top one THRENODY, because a: it reminds me of a flowing musical stave and b: a threnody is a memorial song so it is in memory of the wood that gave itself to make the fork.

    The second one I would call MIRANDA because it reminds me of a mermaid's tail and Miranda is a mermaid in the eponymous film starring Glynis Johns.

    Regards, Juliette M

  2. The second one...Desert Efflorescence? Or maybe just Efflorescence? Mostly because I like how it sounds, but also because of #1- Your Location, and #2- I like the way it applies to the look of the fork (it looks to me like it's blooming). :)

    The first one....hmm...dunno...Candescent Flame?

    Sorry...This isn't my strong suite!!


  3. The first fork made me think of a Zen garden because it's so simple and peaceful. 'Zen' is used erroneously in so many descriptions now, though, that I was thinking the fork could be called "Karesansui", which is the name for the famous dry garden style of Zen gardens we're so familiar with.

    The second fork has to be named after the lovely vines on it, me thinks, so what about "Lucia", the female focus in Robert Herrick's porm "The Vine"?


    Gemma Astley

  4. I posted my submissions in the comments for the previous post.

  5. I posted the names in the other post.

  6. The first one: MAUD

    The second one: CORDELIA