Monday, May 11, 2009

Why do people do mean things?

As a child i was often the brunt of teasing...we were poor and I did not have fashionable clothes or hair or anything for that matter...I was always SO looking forward to being a "grown up" because there were better things for them to do than pick on me and I could do what I wanted. Well, we all know as an adult you cannot always do what you want , the bad news is "grown-ups" still do mean things to each other and for the life of me I cannot understand why! Life is hard, we all need a boost, a smile, a kind word or an arm up..there is a new venue to promote handmade and there are people going through there marking others not on "thier" marketplace down. NOW COME ON!! let's all please play nice, wether you believe in karma or Jesus Christ there is truth in the saying "what goes around comes around" and why would you want it to be bad!?!? I really am frustrated with adults in this world....:0(

CrAzY TrAiN today is carrying check it out!

On a creative note, since the weather is warm again I am focusing on my pottery and having a really good husband is making these adorable little footed vessels (that I will unveil soon) and I am making all kinds of handbuilt mugs and beads. I find the opalescence of certain glazes over the red clays amazingly beautiful and am focusing on that play of colors. I hope to have some good sunlight this week to revamp my studio pictures and to post some awesome pics of the pottery..meanwhile PLEASE Be kind to all and do wrong to none..Love to you all, Kimi

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